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Industry Boom Initiates Evoque Innovations to Advertise to a new generation marketers


Following a recent study that revealed almost 40 percent of Briton’s want to work in marketing, Evoque Innovations promotes their exciting marketing business development program.

In a recent article on PR Week (16 March 2015) a poll of 10 728 UK workers was revealed (conducted by marketing recruitment specialist Randstad Business Support) that found that the popularity of marketing as a career choice was at a three year high. The marketing industry has risen in popularity since the same survey was conducted in 2013, when one in three thought it was an attractive career path.

Marketing has taken on a whole new significance to brands, and this has subsequently seen a fresh wave of popularity and interest among creative young workers. It’s been reported that 80% of companies are planning to increase their marketing budgets over the next 12 to 18 months.

Evoque Innovations is a start-up marketing company based in Birmingham. The firm focused on driving real results for client marketing needs. As a company, Evoque Innovations offer exciting and competitive event marketing services and reporting tools that enable their clients to take a hands-off approach to their direct marketing campaigns. The firm develop effective and superior reporting services and solutions in a risk free environment that are enabling Evoque Innovations to become industry leaders in the greater midlands area. The company is growing at a steady pace and will be regularly looking for new talent to join their marketing business development program.

Currently, Evoque Innovations has a dedicated force of highly skills and ambitious business professionals that are focused on driving results for the company’s clients. These results are tailored towards increasing brands awareness, creating a healthier business and form the foundations from which client’s can grow their brand. The firm has opportunities for young individuals looking to work and develop a long term career within the marketing industry. As industry leaders, Evoque Innovations are looking to work with and develop talent individuals to lead the way in events marketing for the future.


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