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Heart Internet Shortlist Evoque Innovations Website for WOTM Award

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Website hosting platform Heart Internet announced their nominations for their Website of the Month competition this week. Evoque Innovations, a Birmingham based sales and event marketing firm were thrilled to discover they were a contender for the accolade.

Heart Internet, a leading UK based website hosting platform announced this week the latest companies in the running for their ‘Website of the Month’ award for the month of May. The award was conceived in order to reward and celebrate the hard work businesses using the platform put into their websites and Birmingham based event marketing specialists Evoque Innovations were delighted to discover that they had received a nomination. Out of the hundreds and thousands of websites the platform hosts, only six were selected for this month’s nominations, and Evoque innovations were incredibly honoured and humbled to have made the list of final contenders.

Having a strong online presence is vital for businesses if they are to capture the attention of a global audience in today’s competitive market, and the monthly competition ran by Heart Internet is currently doing wonders for promoting this to small business owners throughout the UK and beyond. Evoque Innovations believe that by investing in an engaging and informative website, it has provided a considerable boost to their firm, which despite being a relativity new start up, has grown tenfold over the last couple of months. The firm’s website not only provides key information to prospective and existing clients but it also perfectly reflects the firm’s unique identity and values, highlighting key unique selling points to which clients can make connections which have the potential to lead to long lasting relationships. The firm also believe that having a strong online presence and attractive website is important when recruiting as it is often the first port of call prospective candidates will visit before completing an application so that they can get a clear picture of what it is the company stands for and its internal culture.

The Website of the Month Competition is open till the end of May, and the winner will be determined by the number of votes the nominations receive, with the website with the highest percentage of votes being named as website of the month. Anyone is permitted to vote in the competition, and Evoque Innovations are appealing for votes and support from their clients, representatives and customers.

Based in Birmingham, Evoque Innovations is a creative and focused sales and event marketing firm that provides strategies and support to businesses struggling to connect to their desired audiences. Through face to face communications the firm meet with their clients’ customers in order to gauge their needs and collect feedback so that they can build a more personalised customer experience. To ensure their clients receive maximum results Evoque Innovations design as well as implement every campaign they work on, making sure that their clients’ brand values are clearly promoted within the campaign. The firm then roll out each campaign in retail venues and at events across the country, taking care to track the progress and adapt to market changes so that they can generate a high ROI and increase each client’s market reach.

If you would like to show your support for Evoque Innovations in Heart Internet’s Website of the Month competition, votes can be cast here:


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