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Evoque Innovations uncovers the rule of momentum


Sales and marketing specialists, Evoque Innovations has looked into the rule of momentum and how momentum can be the difference between success and failure.

Leicester-based personalised sales and marketing firm, Evoque Innovations can provide clients with a unique solution to customer acquisition. Through their successful and innovative direct and event marketing campaigns, the firm can provide clients with an increase in not only their customer base but also their overall brand awareness. The firm has recently been looking at how momentum can be the difference between success and failure.

The definition of momentum is the speed of a movement or course of events. Evoque Innovations explain that by having a real momentum, people can show their strengths, and are more likely to be forgiven for mistakes if they are seen having a non-stop attitude. Such a momentum allows for greater things to be achieved, without it, tasks can be a battle and prove to be a challenge to accomplish, magnifying a person’s flaws.

Evoque Innovations explain that the difference between winning and losing is momentum and Managing Director Tom Gilday states; “Momentum allows people to achieve great things, but it also motivates those around them to do the same. It is contagious and is a very useful trait for a workforce to adopt.”

Leaders who can show this ability also show the ability to shape their surroundings instead of allowing their surroundings to shape them. The formula that is commonly found when discussing the topic is:

The attitude of the leader + the atmosphere of the organisation + the accomplishments of the people = MOMENTUM

Broken down, this just means that if the attitude of the leader has the right working environment and a well-motivated team, they can produce consistent momentum levels and therefore top results.

Leaders who court momentum are allowing themselves to reach a new level of success amongst the other benefits. Due to being able to open their mind to this ability and motivate themselves, the leaders can fight harder for what it is they want than those without momentum.

Sales and marketing firm Evoque Innovations ensure that their clients are provided with an exceptional service through having a workforce that is not only passionate about the industry but also by having a workforce that can provide an incredible amount of momentum. The firm encourages their contractors to obtain this skill by ensuring that they are motivated and encourage continuous learning through tasks that they enjoy. The firm also offer a business development opportunity which helps to develop such skills.



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