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Evoque Innovations travel to Texas


Leicester-based sales and marketing firm Evoque Innovations will be taking a trip across the pond to visit fellow industry professionals in Texas this month. Here, the firm reveals the importance of taking opportunities to learn.

Managing Director of Evoque Innovations, Tom Gilday, will be taking flight in February to Texas, to connect with and learn from business owners in the area. Mr Gilday will be attending the meeting as a business owner himself to expand his network and knowledge base and use this to his advantage for his own business.

This opportunity will provide Mr Gilday with incredible learning possibilities and could open a variety of new doors for Evoque Innovations. The firm could be provided with possibilities such as future expansion opportunities as well as possible mentors for those involved with the firm. Having previous successful years in business, Mr Gilday is excited for all chances to improve and excel his business.

It isn’t all business, Mr Gilday will also have a fantastic chance to relax while out in sunny Texas. Taking in the scenery and the pleasant weather will give the business owner time to think of some fun and innovative ideas, using the knowledge he has gained, to bring back to Leicester.

It is well known in the world of business that networking is vital to the expansion and growth of a business. To expand, business owners will need to be open to obtaining new knowledge, information and skills during their venture. Through networking, people can expand their overall number of relationships which, in turn, will open growth opportunities in itself. Managing Director of Evoque Innovations, Tom Gilday, explains, “Networking is crucial, and all business owners know that. Networking overseas while travelling is something that is also remarkably beneficial.”

Most people like to travel and see new places, but travelling for business owners can often be a revelation. Businesses are managed and run differently in different parts of the world. Being able to visit different countries and understand how businesses following a similar business model operate in that country can often provide insight into what UK business owners could do to improve factors from productivity in their team, to overall people management, and ideas.

Travelling and networking, however, is not enough for such possibilities to come to life. A business owner needs to have the attitude of continuous learning. Regardless of someone’s education or life experiences, there is always a new possibility to learn and grow as a person, and it is this openness towards this that allows business owners such as Mr Gilday to grow personally, professionally and grow his business time and time again. New people, new situations, and new information provide this growth in knowledge and the provision of opportunity.

The Leicester-based sales and marketing firm, Evoque Innovations, are a personalised and unique sales and marketing firm that is able to provide clients with an increase in overall customer acquisition and brand awareness. The firm’s mission is to work with clients to produce effective marketing material to ensure the best possible outcome.


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