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Evoque Innovations Re-launches in Leicester


Sales and marketing specialists, Evoque Innovations have re-launched with an exciting new campaign and fresh marketing outlook in their new home of Leicester.

Evoque Innovations have recently re-launched their marketing campaigns with a brand new outlook and even more personalised service. The firm is aiming to deliver even better results for their clients and drive further growth for their own organisation.

The fresh-faced marketing firm has had a brand new start and has relocated from their old Birmingham location to their new home of Leicester. Evoque Innovations chose Leicester as their new location as the area has a large population of over 330,000, making it the most populous municipality in the East Midlands region. Leicester is also home to two universities, meaning that the area is thriving with young, talented individuals who are looking to start a new career.

Evoque Innovations also highlights how the city is still excited after their local football team, Leicester City won last year’s Premier League titled and shares how this makes the area an amazing place to be due to the excited and happy atmosphere. The firm believes that this atmosphere makes potential consumers happier and more interested in learning about their clients’ products and services.

Evoque Innovations offers personalised marketing solutions which allow them to connect with consumers on a face-to-face basis. The firm highlights how this leads to increased brand awareness for their clients’ products and services. The firm believes that face-to-face methods of communication are vital for establishing stronger relationships between brand and consumer and establishing which products or services would be ideal for each individual.

Upon relaunching their personalised marketing solutions in Leicester, Evoque Innovations have outlined their own new goals including expanding their market reach in order to improve results for their clients which will, in turn, allow the firm to grow and expand. The firm also aims to attract top talent to their firm which they believe will drive growth. Additionally, the firm aims to attract new clients and become known as the area’s leading sales and marketing professionals.

Evoque Innovations is a fresh-faced sales and marketing firm based in Leicester. The firm specialises in unique forms of marketing which allow them to connect with their clients’ ideal consumers directly. By connecting with consumers on a face-to-face basis the firm is able to encourage long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. In turn, this often leads to increased brand awareness, brand loyalty and customer acquisition for their clients’ brands.

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