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Evoque Innovations investigate the ten foundations for success according to Jim Rohn



Evoque Innovations aims to inspire budding entrepreneurs to success. Top life advisor Jim Rohn developed ten foundations for such success, which the firm has investigated further.


Evoque Innovations are no strangers to the work of Jim Rohn, for over 40 years the motivational speaker has sparked innovation in entrepreneurs across the globe. He delivers common sense in a way that explores everyday notions and raises awareness of simple practices that generate vast life improvements.


Leicester-based Evoque Innovations recently ran a workshop exploring Rohn’s foundations for success:


  1. Philosophy—Learn the simple shift that changes everything. By developing an understanding of different approaches to situations, people can enhance their abilities across a variety of different fields.


  1. Attitude—Master the strategic shifts to live with intensity, passion and purpose. Evoque Innovations refer to attitude as a person’s key to success. Developing a desire to succeed comes from carefully selecting projects that closely match personal values.


  1. Goals—Create and implement a disciplined action plan to achieve your dreams. Goals which are communicated in written form are 60% more likely to be carried out, according to several studies into goal setting. By clarifying goals and making them public, it also increases their accountability.


  1. Leadership—Build, inspire and lead your team to get results and drive success. Evoque Innovations believe leaders should tailor their style to suit an audience in order to achieve consistent results. The firm believes gathering information and taking time out to understand individuals personally will generate better results.


  1. Lifestyle—Craft a life of possibilities, abundance and influence. Creating a way of life that encourages personal growth and the assistance of others will give a strong sense of overall wellbeing and purpose to an individual.


  1. Communication—Relate to others with accuracy, sincerity, brevity and style. Evoque Innovations are confident that those who can develop their ability to listen will become the most effective communicators. Successful individuals are receptive to their surroundings, can build valuable relationships, and find achieving success easier.


  1. Influence—Learn how to skillfully paint solutions to keep customers happy and drive up profits. By developing a solution orientated mind, individuals will feel less sold to, but rather assisted in their success. Accomplishing personal goals can also be achieved easier by helping others in reaching theirs.


  1. Abundance—Build a life of financial independence and freedom. Evoque Innovations often advise entrepreneurs to budget, save when possible, and reduce unnecessary expenditure to boost their economic freedom.


  1. Productivity—Zero in with ultimate focus and work smarter – not harder. Evoque Innovations advise individuals to improve their personal situation, assess their current actions and highlight areas for improvement. Streamlining processes can leave time for personally enriching activities.


  1. Action—On any ONE day you can massively change the direction of your life! Every person has the control to change actions to amend life’s journey.


Evoque Innovations is a Leicester-based sales and event marketing firm that uses face to face direct marketing solutions to help businesses improve their customer relationships and retention. When representing their clients, the company meet with buyers at retail venues throughout the West Midlands and take the time to get to know their individual needs and values.






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