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Evoque Innovations: End the day like a successful entrepreneur


Leicester-based sales and marketing firm Evoque Innovations has revealed their top 3 tips for ending the day on a high note like a successful entrepreneur would.


Early mornings are something that most people today struggle with. It is often discussed that people should wake up early and ensure that they have good morning routines and allow themselves that extra time to plan their days. However important this is, Evoque Innovations asks, ‘what about having productive evenings too?’ Going to bed and ending the day happy is something that not only business owners and entrepreneurs should aim to do, but something everyone should seek to achieve.

Studies conducted by Health Ambition revealed that waking up earlier in the morning allows people to increase their productivity. Managing Director of Evoque Innovations, Tom Gilday, wants to highlight that by ending the day on a positive note will allow the feeling of achievement and fulfilment knowing the day has been a productive one and will allow for the adaptation of a positive mind-set for the next working day. Not only does it permit the sense of achievement, but will make the process of winding down and preparing for a good night’s sleep a lot more efficient.

Evoque Innovations have 3 great tips for ending the day on a positive note like most successful entrepreneurs should.

  1. The Brain Dump

At the end of the day, the first thing that everyone should be doing is an exercise called the brain dump. This simply involves getting rid of those thoughts spiralling inside people’s minds at the end of the day. People to contact, unfinished tasks, new tasks to start – get a piece of paper and write them all down. Get them out and on paper to tackle the following day. Empty the brain, clear the mind and relax, go home and enjoy the evening the best way possible.

  1. Write Down the 3 Most Important Tasks

Most people will say to get a to-do list ready in the morning and to wake up early to do so. However, doing this means a loss of time that can be spent putting these tasks into action. Get the to-do list ready the night before. Once the brain dump is complete, take everything written down and put these into three important tasks to complete the following day. Prepare for the day to come with this list to wake up the next day and minimalise the time wasted by tackling them all head on first thing in the morning.

  1. Smooth Out the Path

The final, and one of the most crucial steps is to smooth out the path for the morning. Take that list of priority tasks and allow for 3 minutes per tasks and use this to prepare. If the top task is to complete a memo, then write down several key factors to include. This will mean that when it comes to tackling this task, the main topics or points will already be there, cutting down the time needed to think of ideas and start writing.

Evoque Innovations encourage all contractors to create structure throughout their day. Through motivational meetings in the morning and de-briefs in the evenings, the firm allows for those attending to realise the benefits that this structure can have to their working day, and will motivate them to increase productivity. Any successful or budding entrepreneur will value their time more than anything else as this is the key aspect of any successful business, time optimisation. The firm’s suggested evening routine allows for this to become a reality.

Leicester-based direct sales and marketing firm, Evoque Innovations provide an effective, efficient and professional solution to their client’s customer acquisition and brand awareness needs. Through their method of direct marketing, the firm can provide an increase in overall customer base for all clients through unique and personalised marketing campaigns.



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