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Evoque Innovations Celebrate as Birmingham is Found to Be Brimming With Tech Savvy Entrepreneurs


Despite London’s reputation for being at the forefront of business innovation, it has been revealed that Birmingham is in hot pursuit when it comes to tech savvy entrepreneurs. Birmingham based Evoque Innovations celebrate the news and look at what this means for entrepreneurship in the West Midlands.

A new survey into entrepreneurship has found that outside of London, Birmingham is leading the charge of tech savvy entrepreneurs. Conducted by, a company that helps businesses develop apps for their small businesses, the survey uncovered that 1 in 7 entrepreneurs who have developed an app for their business were based in Birmingham, giving them a significant lead over other major UK cities such as Manchester where only 1 in 25 entrepreneurs had embraced app technology, and Liverpool where the figure stood at just 1 in 33.

Evoque Innovations, a sales and marketing firm based in Birmingham were thrilled to discover that Birmingham is performing so well when it comes to tech innovation. Over the last few years, Birmingham has experienced a small business boom and the city is now home to more SMEs and start-ups than ever before. Evoque Innovations believe that because of the huge selection of businesses for consumers in the city to choose from, many entrepreneurs are using their tech skills and apps to try and create a more streamline and attractive customer experience. Many entrepreneurs have developed apps in an attempt to increase retention and are using the technologies to offer their customers real time deals and rewards for their loyalty. As well as retention, many entrepreneurs surveyed by also reported that their apps had helped them to increase revenue with 61% claiming to have seen a significant increase in monthly sales.

It’s clear that being tech savvy is providing a huge boost in confidence to Birmingham’s growing population of entrepreneurs and first time business owners; however Evoque Innovations are keen to stress how it’s important for SMEs not to become too reliant on these technologies. Apps and smart tech can provide a convenient solution to both customers and businesses, allowing customers to access their favourite brands no matter the location and providing brands with an easy way of collecting customer data and preferences. However Evoque Innovations are concerned that having a too strong reliance on these technologies could leave customers isolated and unsure of a brand’s core identity and values, giving the customer experience an overly systematic and clinical feel.

Evoque Innovations think that whilst there are many benefits of involving tech within customer strategies, it is important not to neglect the effectiveness of real face to face communication. By taking a combined approach the firm believe businesses will be able to grant their customers the freedom to access their content through technologies such as apps at their own pace, whilst also creating the peace of mind and security that, should customers need to discuss any issues or seek support from a real brand representative they can.

Evoque Innovations is a Birmingham based sales and event marketing firm that uses face to face direct marketing solutions to help businesses improve their customer relationships and retention. Working on behalf of their clients, the firm meet with customers at retail venues throughout the West Midlands and take the time to get to know their individual needs and values. The firm then use this information to tailor a service unique to each customer which boosts brand loyalty and increases monthly revenue for their clients.

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