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Are Millennials Workaholics? Asks Evoque Innovations


The millennials of today are saying goodbye to their reputation of being lazy and are transforming their perceptions into one of the most hardworking and dedicated demographics to date. Evoque Innovations have reviewed the findings of a recent study that suggests millennials are becoming workaholics.
Millennials are often stereotyped as being lazy workers, but Evoque Innovations believe they show immense desire to achieve awards and accolades. They have been known to prefer demanding work perks, such as flexible rotas, as opposed to developing a hard working attitude to daily tasks and appreciating the opportunity of a full working day. Evoque Innovations are keen to draw attention to the more positive aspect of a millennial workforce.
With this in mind, Evoque Innovations share their top two reasons they endorse a millennial workforce:

1) Millennials are of the belief that only they are capable of doing their job. By holding themselves solely responsible for achieving the objectives and targets of their roles, they can often feel unable or unwilling to delegate their responsibilities to others. While some would see this as regressive, their self-belief is admirable throughout their work, and they are willing to be accountable for their actions.
2) Millennials are less likely to maximise their paid leave. Millennials want to appear committed to their position and their role within a company. They want their superiors to believe that the company would hold less value if they weren’t around. This, in turn, causes the millennials to harbour guilt when taking annual leave. Employers have been known to have to use alternative avenues to facilitate their legal obligation to annual leave.

Birmingham-based Evoque Innovations is a creative and focused sales and event marketing firm that provides strategies and support to businesses struggling to connect with their desired audiences. Utilising face to face communications, the firm is able to meet with a client’s consumer base and build a personalised bond between brand and individual in a way that alternative methods are unable to.
Evoque Innovations pride themselves on their ability to develop unique strategies that portray a genuine brand image in a market where brand power is diminishing rapidly. Using retail and in-store outlets to reach consumers in convenient settings allows the firm to specifically target a chosen area.
Evoque Innovations are confident that the key to success in business is to tap into the millennial talent pool, so much so that they often target their job advertisements directly to attract such individuals. The main attraction for the firm is their desire to make a difference, as they feel this offers their clients a snapshot into their consumers, and by offering relatable representatives, it establishes a strong brand image.


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